1. 10. 2017


Our project „School is Cool but IT Rules“ is Erasmus+  KA2 project.


Its number is 2017-1-CZ01-KA219-035440_1.


The aim of this project is to help students to further their achievements by creating lesson plans which will be more creative through art and its aspects. The project will provide opportunities for educators and students to experience innovative practises within the fields of various art forms in a number of  partner schools and to observe and share good practises. The use of ICT in learning, teaching and training of both teachers and students will be a tool as well.


  • students will improve their language skills
  • students will have a chance to make friends in all partner schools
  • students will gain experience in expressing feelings, involving in groups and being active
  • students will raise their communication skills
  • students will use their emotions, rhetorical skills, technical skills in order to show their talents
  • students will learn how to create a google map
  • students will create digital stories
  • students will learn how to create an e-book
  • students will cooperate in order to create a play
  • students will be taugt how to shoot a video
  • students will gain digital competences, social and civic competences, culture awareness and expression


The tasks and responsibilities will be equally shared among all the partners. There is always some preparatory time, when students are getting ready for international meetings and workshops. The whole project is planned for two years, time for preparation usually takes two - three months. During the preparation students are working on their common tasks and are in touch via e-mails, e-twinning platform, facebook, Skype. There are five transnational meetings in five different countries: Spain (February 2018), Portugal (June 2018), The Czech Republic (February 2019), Lithuania (May 2019), Romania (October 2018).


During transnational meetings students are supposed to cooperate and work on a common goal in order to create a final product: a google map, digital stories, an e-book, a play, a video. All of these will be available on the web page of our project and on Twinspace.